Danielle Haim @ Main Square Festival 2013 by Alexandre Fumeron


She’s quite a girl. She’s really turned into one of my oldest friends. We understand each other well. She… I don’t know how to explain Stevie, but she’s great! And she means every word she’s singing, you know, she can’t sing a song if she don’t mean it. And that’s what I like in singers the most is, that believability, more than anything I think, makes a great singer.”  ▬ Tom Petty


The Beatles in India 3/7


"I believe in peace and love. […] We could get along; we could look out for each other.It is still a dream of mine, you know, that it can happen. I’m not going to give up on it.” Ringo Starr

"I've cried watching A Goofy Movie on planes."
Danielle Haim